Monday, January 30, 2012

Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

I'm officially the worst at keeping an updated blog. Going to give it another go. 2 posts a week is my goal...let's see how that goes.

Here are some cupcakes that I made for Halloween. They were chocolate & pumpkin with cream cheese frosting with a little orange zest. They were pretty good. Not sure i'm the biggest fan of canned pumpkin though. Probably just a seasonal recipe.

The finished product!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

red flag...the drink is bigger than your head

This has to be the biggest Margareta that I have ever had, seen or that just exists in general.

Was it tasty? Yep. Huge? Definitely. Strong? Let's just say I slept in the car on the way home.

 I can't say that I would ever want one of these again but it was an interesting experience. Especially when my grandparents were the ones trying to get me to finish the whole thing.

So I know that i'm 21 and all but I think I might have embarrassed my age group a little bit that night when my whole family out drank me.

strong cheese

I saw this video and had to post it. It gets a little upsetting in the middle but keep watching. He really wants his cheese. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my cheesy internship

I just made my first post on Culture's blog today. Have you ever thought about putting goat cheese in ice cream? Me neither...until now. I have a feeling that I may be thinking a lot more about cheese while I have this internship.

Don’t Tell Mom But I'm Eating My Goat Cheese and Fig Ice Cream Before Dinner | Culture: the word on cheese

love love love

Since I just started this blog, I have so many pictures of delicious food that I have eaten in the last couple of months that I want to post. Here are just a few to get started. 

 This was such an amazing birthday dinner I had with Zack in San Francisco. Amazing crab cakes and a squid ink pasta and calamari dish. yummm.

Next...Chicken and Waffles. Classy? I know.

Another anniversary dinner I believe. But how beautiful is this fish!?

Going a little old school with these bagel bites. They taste as good as I remember.

Now some people may say I have an obsession with pizza. But with pizza like this in the world, how can I not be? Mushroom Formaggio Pizza with cremini and portabella mushrooms. 

and the baking continues

  So with all of the ingredients sitting around from Zack's cupcakes, I have been baking a lot of cookies lately. Last week Marissa came over with a bag of pecans and a handful of chocolate chips and together we made and devoured (in record time I may add) the most delicious cookies ever. Now I realize I may be slightly bias, but how good do oatmeal, chocolate chip and pecan cookies sound? Pretty good is what i'm assuming you are thinking. And you would be right. 

Flour was spilled and dishes were dirtied but my sweet tooth was definitely satisfied. Sometimes baking cookies and watching a movie is way better than going out on a Friday night.

alcoholic cupcakes are best

So, last month was Zachary's (my handsome & amazing boyfriend) 23rd Birthday. I really wanted to do something special for him and thought I would appeal to his very very sweet tooth. The week before he raved about the guinness float he had, so I used this as my inspiration. I set out to make the most delicious alcoholic cupcakes and in the process become the best girlfriend ever. Watch out girls, i'm afraid I might have made you look (really) bad in comparison. 

I usually stay away from baking because it is really messy and kind of a pain to clean up but with my trusty sidekick sanguine (sang-ween-knee) there to help, I knew we could do it. I have to say that these were fun to make the whole way through and I wasn't even drinking any of the beer. 

Behold the glorious Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey's Cream Cheese Frosting:

The end results were beautiful cupcakes that everyone enjoyed. I still can't believe that my clumsy hands made something so pretty. :)